Monday, April 6, 2015

Kids/Guardian Gems with Stats and Images

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, gems give a lot of stats no matter what kind of gems they are such as sylph gems and player gems. Kids Gems can be gained mainly from Cloud Adventure and Hot events. There are a total of 4 sockets just like our regular equipment and no, you do not need any special material to unlock sockets for kids equipment. The sockets can be opened with 10 Balens/Unbound as your equipment type gets higher which will be explained below.
  • Upgrade to Green Equipment to unlock the first socket.
  • Upgrade to Blue Equipment to unlock the second socket.
  • Upgrade to Purple Equipment to unlock the third socket.
  • Upgrade to Orange Equipment to unlock the last socket.
Note: The Kids/Guardian Gems are not actually called Kids Gems but "Agate Gems" in Chinese Wartune.

 Stats for PATK - MATK - PDEF - MDEF Agate Gems:

Stats for Crit Agate Gems:

Stats for HP Agate Gems:

Stats for Influence Agate Gems:

Stats for Block Agate Gems:

Agate Gems Preview:

Here are all of the Agate Gems from Level 1-12 and personally, I think these gems look cooler than Sylph Gems. 

PATK Agate Gems Preview:

MATK Agate Gems Preview:

PDEF Agate Gems Preview:

MDEF Agate Gems Preview:

Crit Agate Gems Preview:

HP Agate Gems Preview:

Influence Agate Gem Preview:

Block Agate Gem Preview:

Can you convert Agate Gems?

Yes, you can convert Agate Gems.

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