Friday, August 8, 2014

Sky Trail Tips and Video

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, success in Sky Trail is a key part of collecting (free) materials for sylph refinement. Here I'll layout a few things to think about before and during your efforts to complete as many levels as you can.

The two important resistance to have on your toon when facing a very tough Boss are the resistance of the Boss's element, but more importantly is the resistance of YOUR sylph. It doesn't make much sense to me either, but if you're using Gaia/Hercules, you'll take less damage if you have very high electro resistance, than if you just stack dark resistance for the 1-5/2-5/3-5 Bosses.

I'd recommend finding a way to put Regeneration and Illusion into your astrals if you have them. For knight and archers, Enhanced Guardian Angel (EGA) is also a decent option to help your survivability, but I would not suggest it to mages, because it will greatly decrease the chances of crit healing yourself.

Like all other single target PvE instances, Crit builds are going to flourish in Sky Trail more so than Will Destroyer ones. I'm hoping to get another post out soon about building an ideal toon for PvE combat (not at all what I have for my own toon at the moment).

I would have recommended Heal and Mire (or Heal and Rage to archers), but with the introduction of Patch 3.1, we will no longer be able to slow Sky Trail bosses. Now I'd go with Heal and Brutality/Rage, for the bosses where survival is questionable.

For your class-based skills, I would aim for ones that will help keep you alive and deal decent single target damage. But ones for survival are more important -- the vast majority of your damage will be dealt while in sylph mode.

I think if you have Electro/Dark or Fire/Dark, you can deal with most any Boss, given the right stats. Though I do have a friend who managed to beat one of the electro bosses with his blue Pan, which is much much weaker than his main sylph. Discretion is advised.

There are two basic skills that you should practice and get down pat to have more success in all PvE endeavors, including Sky Trail.
  1. Using a Rune after going into Sylph Mode. I helped Cosmos with some full-proof explanation of how to do this, and he explains it in the video below.

  2. Double hitting without slows, which I layout how to do in the blog post Double Hits in World Boss (you can use the same process to get them in Sky Trail) and the video below.

Elia versus Sky Trail
Finally, here's some footage of me taking on a few levels of Sky Trail that were new to me at the time!

Wartune Gameplay and Guide - Sky Trail LIII-5 to LIV-1

(Going to have to settle for a link right now, something wrong going on when I try to embed this vid. Hopefully fixed soon)

Please ask questions and share your own advice for beating Sky Trail Bosses (in general, or specific ones) in the comments section!

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