Sunday, August 10, 2014

Flying in Wartune

(Written by Raven for DolyGames)

So yesterday I was just looking around on Wartune trying to find something cool. I succeeded. I assume that everybody who has seen the capability of the Azure Dragon, the level 8 mount stables, has seen that it can fly in the skies of Cloud City.

It appears that the mount, which players can acquire from the monsters, elites and bosses in Wilds, the Majestic Stingray, also has the ability to fly in Cloud City.

Here you can see what I mean, both the Azure Dragon and the Majestic Stingray share the special ability : Flight.

(Picture by Eliatan)

(Picture by Raven)

(Picture & Stats by Wartune Wikia)

How to get it:

Blacksmith > Syntheses > 1200 Mystery Stones (gotten from the Wilds monsters)

What it gives:

  • +40 to all stats
  • For stables training +10 to max level
  • Move Speed +30%
  • Mount Strength +500
  • Special ability: Flight
As you can see. Both Azure Dragon and Majestic Stingray have the ability of Flight, so both of them should be able to fly in Cloud City. Also, this is how the Majestic Stingray looks in color.

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