Friday, August 29, 2014

Old-Fashioned Pack Drop Rates v1

Hey guys, this month we had a nice little box called the Old-Fashioned Pack and from this a bunch of people have been able to get nice items like Fashion Cores / Shards and Full Clothing Sets. So it might be interesting for many people to see what are the drop rates from this chest and for that I have prepared the following report (version 1) - check it out! :)

This time i was able to find another source for the drop rates so I put those below my report and you can see that they both give pretty similar results, except on the clothing pieces i'd say the mine is a bit too much due to lower sample size.

So what do we see from this Old-Fashioned chest?

We have pretty high %s for the 100,000 gold and the Fashion Core Shards and the Old Leather which add up to about 75-80%, which means that the vast majority of time you will be getting one of these items.

Then about 14-17% of the time, which is 1 or 2 from 10 boxes you will be getting either a Fashion Core or a Good Luck Charm which is quite nice I think for non-cashers especially.

And last, but not the least are the various clothing packs, which seem to have 1% each for dropping, making it about 4-5% if you put em all together, which is a pretty good chance, again, especially for non-cashers.

And remember guys, at any time, for any thing, feel free to email me data - if I can use it - I will.

Clothing Chest / Box Contents

Here are the items you get exactly in each of the clothing chests:

Exotic Chest

  • Exotic Star x1
  • Exotic Charm x1
  • Exotic Addict x1

Hallowed Chest

  • Halloween's Trick x1
  • Hallows Costume x1
  • Hallowed Hat x1

Evil Chest

  • Evil Dragon's Breath x1
  • Evil Dragon's Scale x1
  • Evil Dragon's Horn x1

Thanksgiving Chest

  • Plumed Helm x1
  • Thanksgiving Armor x1

And here is the exchange for the Old Leathers:

Old Leather x20 for Exotic Chest x1
Old Leather x20 for Hallowed Chest x1
Old Leather x20 for Evil Chest x1
Old Leather x12 for Thanksgiving Chest x1
Old Leather x1 for 80,000 Gold

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