Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Using 7-day Mounts to Raise Your Max Mount Training Level!

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, in my last Love Thy Mount event video, I made the new 7-day mount, the Mechanical Steed, and this increased the maximum level I could train my mount stats to. I wanted to see what happened to my stats when the steed expired and here are the results!

Top: With Mechanical Steed, Bottom: Without Mechanical Steed
Here it shows that my "Current Max Level" doesn't drop, so that whips that I put into it were not lost when the Mechanical Steed expired, but as expected, my stats did drop +50 without the mount. I'm quite pleased! This means I can use the other 7-day mounts to raise my maximum level and train with more whips, and then not losing the stats gained from the whips once the mount expires.

Now that I've established that little test, I synthesized 4 Mechanical Steed cards, and used them all so that I'll have the mount for about a month :)

Hope this helps clarify some things for people ^^

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