Wednesday, August 6, 2014

10 Things the DolyGames Team Needs NOWWWZZZ

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, there are many updates coming up this month, but in a moment of emotional outburst, Cosmos and I were talking about some of the things we really want ASAP. Clearly I'm not as a powerful of a mage as I need to be, because I tried to wave a wand and none of them appeared >.<

I'm quite lazy, and Cosmos and I are both packrat hoarders, so most of what we brought up are to make things easier for our gaming tendencies . . .

  1. Advanced/Senior Astrals -- capture 1k astrals at a time :D
  2. 9999 Stacked items for bags and vault -- hoarder necessity >.<
  3. Insignias no longer a physical item in bags, to avoid this mailbox situation:

  4. Fourth page in bags!
  5. New troops (Cosmos is particularly ready for this one :P) -- this is what my Daru is looking like these days:

  6. For this picture to not be photoshopped:

  7. Real-life supernatural abilities . . . 
  8. A maid.
  9. One and a half donuts (One's too little, Two's too much).
  10. Several ice-cold beers . . . Wait, what was this post about again?
What updates have you guys heard about that you really want implemented NOWNOW? Vent, because we all have to some times ;)

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