Friday, March 13, 2015

Level 2 Guild BOSS / Beast Rewards

Hey guys, see below the Level 2 Guild BOSS / Beast Rewards. It costs 3.6 billion daru to upgrade the Guild BOSS one level = 3.6 million daru contribution (Warpath).

So the level 2 Guild BOSS / Beast rewards are:
(Thanks to Alex for this info)

  • 1st place: Golden Holy Water x12, Fang of Fear x120
  • 2nd place: Golden Holy Water x8, Fang of Fear x101
  • 3rd place: Golden Holy Water x6, Fang of Fear x82
  • 4th to 10th place: Fang of Fear x63
  • 11th to 50th place: Fang of Fear x54
  • 51th to 100th place: Fang of Fear x44
  • 101+ positions: Fang of Fear x38
And for the final strike to kill the Guild BOSS: Golden Holy Water x3, Crystal Shard x6

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