Thursday, March 19, 2015

+160 Insignia Rewards from Guild Battle

Hey guys, for my first guild skill I have taken the +160 insignia reward and for everyone who is enjoying Wartune in a casual way or who is not super active I would suggest the same. This is because I feel insignia is becoming harder to get and recently they also increased for example the Good Luck Charm cost in the Wilds' Shop to 3000 insignia. Also in the past we could do Tower of Kings (NM) relatively easily, but as time is moving forward that is becoming more and more difficult because (a) we have less time (too many activities), so I often skip TOK and (b) the enemies are getting exponentially stronger making it really difficult to complete all the 5 stages, which we could in the past (of course those servers where enemies "undress" have an advantage).

For level 2 the price is double as you can see on the picture below, so I could consider to go for Level 2, but otherwise I want the Insignia, the Honor (again due to lack of time to do Battlegrounds and sometimes I don't manage to kill anyone in BG at all) and the Strength boost. Everything else is secondary or in the case of additional points from the Guild Boss I believe is completely useless ("stealing" from your own guild-mates).

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