Sunday, March 29, 2015

Snatching the Hermes Zebra

Hey guys, so as you know, the Wartune system is one big lottery - some can open hundreds of boxes and not get the top prize and others can open a few boxes and get lucky and grab it. There are many different types of boxes being thrown around in the game; way too many types I think - I miss simple events and most of all I am in dire need of inventory space - need like 10 extra pages please...

So with the exception of the nice Clown Bowtie box where there are 3 mounts and 24 good luck charms to exchange for, I am opening all other boxes. The exchanges are nice and safe, but there is a saying that the one that does not take any risk never drink champagne :) and, anyhow, the box openings, although most of the time give little things, do give out decent items even if they don't give the top prizes. The other day I got 300 sepulcrum for example which was very nice. As a free mentality player I also like getting Divinity Souls and, of course, the Coins of Ancestry, although in past weeks I haven't gotten any of those.

Snatching the Hermes Zebra Card

Anyhow, with all that introduction to this post, I actually wanted to share some good news that I just opened just 3 Clown Cakes and inside one of them was the Hermes Zebra Card!

Here is me mounting it:

Here is the mount stats and the Clown Cake box info:


Conclusion / Recommendation

So like we recommended before, if you see some real nice exchange like the 10 boxes for 24 good luck charms or a sure exchange for a mount for around 40-100 boxes then go for it because you know 100% that you will be a winner. Otherwise, if those things are missing just open all the chests and don't stress about it, if you keep doing it sooner or later you are bound to win something nice. Good luck to everyone and if you also got this mount put it down in the comments below! :)

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