Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Wartune Blog - My Wartune Playlist

So I decided to open up a nice little blog for my Wartune guides, videos, pictures and ideas and since I can't re-post everything I already did, well, then I am just going to put the link to my YouTube Wartune's playlist below which you can visit and see all my Wartune videos!

And here is one of the many nice videos:

ASTRO Guide of 3 Stages of Astro Making


  1. Hi i'm noob in wartune and your blog is very nice,i need help ,first tahnks you done a great job in this blog,i'm a archer in wartune ,but have a lot problems with my damage ,need a good skill build,too i have a knight(for me the best class),and here i'll try with your build ,your build is good ??,,then ,could you help me with a goods builds for my caracters(archer,knight and mage too xD),thanks,and hope yous help.nice to meet you,bb,

  2. Hey KOJONUDO :) Thanks for your comment. Well what can I say I am always making my Knight stronger and stronger. You can get some ideas both of this blog as well as from the 100+ videos I have on YouTube. And here is some short comments for you: for your archer you want maximum attack and critical - you want to kill everyone as fast as possible. For your mage you want level 4 rain of fire asap - there is a big damage boost there. Also if you get healing your life in the catacombs will be much easier. For knight I advise to have an offense knight and not defense, because you will get more cash from world boss. Hope this helped :)