Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Game Elements in Patch 3.40 Part 4

Hey guys, today they in Patch 3.40 Part 4 in my server and I thought to make this post about all the new things which have popped up in the game. And later, of course, we will follow up with videos and articles about each specific new feature.

Guild Boss / Guild Beast

Guild Boss Drops

  • Golden Holy Water
  • Fang of Fear
  • Crystal Shard

Advanced Guild Skills

These are:
  • 1 more Strength skill (+40 per level)
  • 1 more Defense skill (+40 per level)
  • 1 more Intellect skill (+40 per level)
  • 1 more Endurance skill (+40 per level)
  • Bonus to the experience earned in the Guild Chamber (2% on level 1)
  • Bonus Insignia earnings for Guild Battles (+160 on level 1)
  • Bonus Honor earnings for Guild Battles (+160 on level 1)
  • Bonus to the points earned from Guild Boss (+2% on level 1)

Advanced Guild Shop

In the Advanced Guild Shop there is a new mount: Blazing Lynx

New Astrals: Critical Strike and Summer God

  • Summer God (red): +216 to Critical and Penetration per level; 45,000 astral points if you want to exchange
  • Critical Strike (yellow): +144 to Critical and Penetration per level; 30,000 astral points for exchange

Purgatory Maze

Requires 3 keys to enter (50 balens each). Stay tuned for videos and more posts about this.

Legendary Talents


  • Laceration: Reduces Death Warrant's Rage consumption by 1 (on level 1). This is actually pretty nice; it helps to spam Death Warrant more.
  • Sword Mastery: Increases Blade Storm's physical damage by 2% (on level 1). Still will be a skill rarely used.
  • Tenacity: Grants Resurrection a 10% chance to purify 1 harmful effect (on level 1). A tiny additional benefit to a useless skill at present. The skill will still be not used.
  • Warlord: Reduces Mars' Will cooldown by 1 second and rage consumption by 1 (on level 1). Nice, but not urgent to have.
  • Reverse Attack: When critically hit, 50% chance to increase attack speed by 55% for 2 turns (on level 1). The best talent from the list - the #1 that must be increased.


  • Archer's Stance: Increases Blessed Shot's rage returned by 1 (on level 1). A small improvement to a skill I didn't see used much.
  • Swiftness: Reduces Cursed Arrows' CD by 1 second (on level 1). Small improvement, still don't expect a huge change in skill selections due to this.
  • Focused Attack: Increases Annihilating Fury's crit rate by 3% (on level 1). A nice improvement to help get a crit attack after spending all your rage on it, but again, those who don't use this skill will not likely start using it due to this talent.
  • Infiltration: Armor Piercer can cause 22% physical damage to a random additional target. A very nice / interesting power up for the Armor Piercer which is widely used. However, I think this skill is used a lot of the time in solo battles so in those cases there is no additional target to hit.
  • Acute Sting: Increases Soulhunter's Arrow's physical damage by 1% (on level 1). I think this one is the best from the bunch because it is a percentage based benefit.
Mage Skills list and comments - don't have right now. Hopefully Elia will make a post / video about this :)

Mythic Advanced Sylph

Sorry no picture for now as I don't have a gold sylph. You can just check our previous posts on 2nd sylph evolution and our upcoming posts/videos (probably from Elia on this topic). Here are the new mythic advanced sylph skills in the shop, 1000 balens each:

Update: prepared a video also:

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