Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lucky Gold Pack Drop Rates v1

Hey guys, here below I have prepared the v1 drop rates for the Lucky Gold Pack based on 319 chests from my account. The Lucky Gold Pack is not an obtainable item in regular Wartune features and is gotten only via Hot Event rewards. It contains from 100k and up to 1 million gold per chest and so it is a very good item to store and use when you need a lot of gold.

But how often do you get 100k and larger gold amounts?

What we see in this version 1 report is that the vast majority of time you will get 100k gold and not the higher amounts, so 66.1% of the time the chests gave 100k gold.

Next, 26.3% of the time they dropped 200k gold, which means if you combine this with the 100k percentage then you have 92.5% of the time only 100k or 200k, so definitely the higher amounts are there more as a carrot at the end of the stick.

The 400k, 500k and 1 million gold

1 million gold was very rare. Just 2 dropped from 319 chests (0.6%). Also quite rare the 500k gold, which dropped only 5 times (1.6%). And lastly the 400k gold had a drop rate of 5.3%.

So what is the real value Lucky Gold Pack gives?

Calculating the value received from the 319 chests. 1 Lucky Gold Pack chest is worth or gives 154,232 gold.

Lucky Gold Pack Item Description

Lastly, if someone wants to send me more data for Lucky Gold Pack or any other chest / box / pack feel free to email me, but please don't send me few numbers - only send me if you got a big bunch :)

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