Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mage's Advanced Talents

(Posted by DZmage of the DolyGames Team)

Hello guys, with the new update 3.40 part 4 we recently had, every class has a new talents tree which can be unlocked as soon as we class advance! Since I'm a mage, I checked which kind of new talents we "mages" got :)

Unfortunately, most of the talents are pretty much useless except for one. Lets take a look on each talent :)

Advanced Talents

Ice Mastery

This talent increases the Ice Bolt's magic damage by 1% (at level 1). I'm not a big fan of Ice Bolt since I use Meteoric Destroyer with 3 seconds cooldown :)

So I'll skip this talent for now.

Fire Mastery

This talent decreases both rage consumption and cooldown by 2 (at level 1) of Flaming Tornado. Again I'm not a big fan of Flaming Tornado since it's not really useful in arena, and I find Thunderer way better than this skill for the simple reason that Flaming Tornado splits the shot into 3 hits and getting 2 critical out of 3 is rare and 3 critical out of 3 is extremely rare. In addition to this, Thunderer has a chance to let us have an extra Lighting Bolt hit if we use double hit :)


This talent gives us 10% chance to remove 1 harmful effect (at level 1) when using Mana Shield. Unfortunately, Mana Shield does not stack with Restoration damage reduction buff nor with Guardian rune, which makes this talent pretty useless :(

Quick Chant

This talent reduces Anthem's cooldown by 1 second (at level 1). I personally stopped using Anthem since they removed troops and replaced them with sylphs in Class War. Sylphs does not die fast as troops which made me wast all my rage on healing a Sylph that doesn't help by much! My opinion on this talent is that once we can heal more than 100k with Blessing Light or with Restoration, Anthem becomes a bit useless since it's capped at 90k heal which makes this talent useless.


The description on this talent is a bit confusing. It says : "Increases Thunderer's attack speed reduction rate by 5%" (at level 1). I thought it meant that it will give an extra 5% slow casting speed on the opponent which should make it 105% . So when I asked Elite Club staff what's the difference between 100% and 105% slow casting speed they explained to me that the 5% we get from level 1 Thunderfury does not increase the slow casting speed % it self but it increases chance to slow our opponent which made me change my opinion on this talent ;)

At moment my Thunderfury is at level 6 which gives me an extra 30% chance of slowing my opponent so I assume once maxed ( level 10) it should grant me a 100% (50% from thunderer it self + an other 50% from maxed Thunderfury) slow success rate :)


If you are advanced mage, your first priority is to max Thunderfuruy :) The rest of advanced talents are not very important.

Here you can have a look on my current talents with official description of each talent :

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