Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jewel Hunt Success Guide

Hey guys, I have seen a lot of people, especially the non-payers, who are not doing Jewel Hunt as good as they could. Half of it is from lack of knowledge and the other half is due to impatience. The latter you have to calm down and take your time, but for the lack of knowledge I make this post to give you some help to increase your success in Jewel Hunt.

   - You have to pay real good attention to the game board, there are very often really good combinations possible. Take your time.

   - If you clean up 3 jewels then you will get 10 points, but if you clean up 5 jewels using 2 moves you will get 50 points, so this is a lot more than 2 times 3 jewel moves. Always try to hit the 5+ opportunities instead.

   - Check out the combinations and arrows below and try to find similar ones when you play.

98% of the time I always pass the 500 point mark for free every day.

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