Saturday, March 1, 2014

Magic Pot Drop Rates v2

Hey guys, I have an update to the MAGIC POT drop rates thanks to Mortrad who sent me 500 additional data points and I also sorted them from the most frequent to the most rare. So the sample size is much better - you immediately see the more frequent ones such as 20k Kyanite (13.9% chance), 120k Daru (12.3% chance), 4 Mount Whips (11.5% chance) and 120k gold (11% chance). The 4 of these together make up 48.7% of the drops.

The magic pot was costing 65 balens per attempt, so from say 100 attempts which would cost 6,500 balens then ~50% of these, so 3,250 balens would give the above items and purely technically speaking (cause people called these "trash") it is not a bad return for the balens.

Here is the 2nd Version Report for the Magic Pot:

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