Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wartune Guess the Place ^^ Picture 1

Hey guys here I got a new Wartune game where you gotta try to figure out where is the picture shown here - I mean where in Wartune did I find this picture and I do mean inside the game! :)

So try to figure out this puzzle and if you know the place put it in the comments below :) and please don't look at the comments first :P


  1. I think it is the picture of knight that is on the left side of skills

  2. nice one :) you have a good idea because he is kind of small there and I was thinking not too many people will notice him in the background :)

    let's see if anyone else can guess it :)))

  3. Heya, this is on left and right side of skills and runes, u are knight so u have knight, if u are arch there is arch, same for mage..
    PS: Like yours videos, keep it up! :)

  4. oh wow thanks for saying that mages and archers have different - i was not aware of that! :)

    good job in finding it! :)
    can you find the picture #2 I just posted? :)

    and thank you :P