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Treasure Hunt Guide

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This post has been updated as of 03.12.14 1:30 A.M. PDT with new statistics and more complete leveling and set information (see bottom of post).


As most of you have discovered in your time playing Wartune, the translations and instructions for most content leaves much to be desired and true-to-form the new Treasure Hunt mini-game is exactly the same.  I scoured the internet and found very little information other than basic instructions and guides so I collected up some info from screenshots and my own pulls to hopefully help some of the folks who aren't sure how the mini-game works and don't want to make mistakes (if anyone else out there dove head first into buying sylph skills you know exactly what I mean).

First of all the colors are misleading as they do not function the same way in Treasure Hunt as they do anywhere else in Wartune.  The color scheme should represent different qualities of the same item, with higher quality versions replacing lower quality versions (as with your Magic Attack Astrals for example).  In Treasure Hunt this is untrue.  If you have found a white card that gives you +200 hp when you are in Catacombs there is no green/blue/purple/orange version of it. So you can activate your first one and level it to your hearts content because that is the only card that gives that particular bonus in that particular area. Confused yet? Don't be, it ends up being rather simple.

The cards are divided into five decks, each corresponding to a different location where they award bonuses.  The five locations are MP Dungeon, Catacombs, Spire, Battleground and MP Arena.  Each deck is further divided into five colors, each color corresponds to a different stat bonus.  White is HP, Green is Defense, Blue is Attack, Purple is All Stats and I don't know what Orange is yet. Simply put, this means that there are only 25 cards altogether and only 5 cards of each color. This makes collecting them much easier because there is really no zero sum choices to be made.  You can only activate one of each card, you can only level up your cards using duplicates of the same card and at this point that is the only thing you can use duplicates for.  There is no cost to equip or unequip a card, you can do it as often as you want.  The slots are not locked in any way, you can mix decks in the same slot or whatever you like.  I am sure this mini-game will get more complicated as time goes on, there is already evidence of the decks expanding to 8+ cards but for now they are simple.

Now onto the details:

Here is a quick table simplifying the text above for folks who are scrolling past looking for pictures.  The stats listed are for Level 1 Cards and as I have yet to see a level 2 card I don't know how they scale yet.

And here are the images I have been able to collect so far for the existing cards, it's about 60% complete. Click the image for the full size version with readable text.

As with other areas of the game where translations don't always match, that same wonderful attention to detail is present in Treasure Hunt as well.  When a player finds a Purple Card from a Master Summoning Kit it will broadcast to the server under a different name as pictured below.  Rest assured that the cards did in fact come from a Master Summoning Kit and not some obscure secret card-giving item that you have been neglecting to farm.

As for acquiring the cards themselves I've gathered some basic information below.  The sample sizes are quite small at this point so expect the probabilities to change as we gather more data but this is good rough starting point.

First off the costs for treasure hunts:

Based off 19 Hunts (2 Kyanite, 3 Daru, 14 Gold); costs as of level 70.

And the probabilities of getting a particular type of summoning kit from any given Treasure Hunt and overall drop rates of cards observed so far

Based off 20 Hunts (13 Novice, 5 Regular, 2 Master) and 43 Cards (27 White, 11 Green, 5 Blue).

Based on the probabilities above we can draw some conclusions about leveling rates.  Once you have your base set of cards, for every card you acquire beyond that you should generate on average .63 xp for white cards, .26 xp for green cards and .12 xp for blue cards.  This means to level a specific card you'll need to acquire on average 80 new cards for a white level, 156 new cards for a green level and 216 new cards for a blue level.  That is based on level 1 experience so if it scales those numbers will change but as long as the ratio is constant between the colors the pacing will be the same.

Some silly statistics:

Odds of getting the same white card ten times in a row:    1 in   1.1 billion
Odds of getting the same green card eight times in a row: 1 in 21.2 billion
Odds of getting the same blue card five times in a row:     1 in 148.8 million

That about sums up what I've been able to discover so far.  I hope all the folks saving up their Treasure Hunt items for an event found it useful.  Anyone who would like to contribute data points to improve the accuracy if what is posted is encouraged to do so in the comments.  I will keep tabs on what comes in and update the thread as time goes on.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.


*Update 03.12.14*

Thanks to Mariusz and Eliza C for submitting purple cards.  The full set of purples is now pictured below:

Here is a full set of updated drop rates, the sample sizes are still small so anyone interested in sending in more data is encouraged to do so.

Treasure Hunt costs were based on 75 recorded data points (19 Kyanite, 27 Daru, 29 Gold).
Kit drops were based on 76 recorded data points (48 Novice, 22 Standard, 11 Master).
Overall Card drops were based on 107 recorded data points (60 White, 31 Green, 16 Blue).

As you can see the leveling rates are a bit out of whack, especially for green cards.  White cards get triple the bonus and require triple the xp at level two, blue cards get double bonus and require double xp at level two but green cards get double bonus and require quadruple xp at level two.  No word yet on level two purples.

It remains to be seen whether the green xp rates at level two are a mistake, I'm not sure why they would be so much more expensive to level but time will tell I suppose.  

As always, please feel free to post any new information for future updates and thanks for reading.


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