Friday, February 28, 2014

Fishing Level 10 Review

(Posted/Edited by Cosmos on behalf of Vash)

Hey guys, today I will show you Level 10 fishing. First, let's start with the new INSIGNIA fish - it gives 3 experience points and 15 ranking points and 1 insignia. She (ooo, Vash checked the gender :P) is on the first row with gold chest fish.

If for some the bounty fish was a challenge to catch this one will be very easy. Will save you time if you want to max daily fishing experience, but the reward is insufficient, I think you will agree with me. Because 20 insignia per day wont help that much at least I will go for bounty fish for now since they give both same amount of experience and bounty scrolls are useful doing all bounties at once after reset.

In level 10 fishing the rewards are further increased!:
       - bounty fish gives 2 scrolls
       - shadow crystal x6,
       - luck stones x6,
       - for daru and gold chest I can assume they are probably 6 too haven't caught those two.

I would recommend, if you are not after the shinny fishing title, to go for 10 bounty scrolls and 10 shadow crystals fishes with this method you will have x20 bounties enough for daily and enough scrolls for doing daily the shadow crystal quest.

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