Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BR 365k-530k - Battle Ratings Keep Going up

Hey guys, the battle ratings of Wartune players keep going higher and higher surpassing levels we never imagined 6 months ago. I still remember 1+ year ago I thought I would never have the 55 arena set. Even just level 55 at that time was "wow". Things keep on speeding up and I feel they are even accelerating with so many new additions to Wartune. This not not necessarily a bad thing - the game is getting more complex, more things to do, my only problem with Wartune is the sheer amount of time it requires from players and I am 100% certain people skip real life appointments and such because of events in Wartune.

Ok, so with all that said, here is an update of the Massive Battle Rating players thanks to Stephen and Aleksandar for providing the pictures. I'll put them from high to low top to bottom:

Also at the bottom is 1 pic of a crazy BR sylph which is stronger than most players in Wartune.

Please also think of +/- like 15k BR or so depending on pots/scrolls, etc.

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