Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Troops 50% Stronger

Hey guys, interesting news - new troops have arrived to Wartune China, so we can have a look on them and see what we are going to get sooner or later. They are both PATK and MATK following after the Templar and the Warlock but they are 50% stronger which is rather huge!

I was actually wondering when the new troops will show up because, with the new sylphs, even a full health, Templars for example, get 1 shot killed with the sylphs AOE attack (example: Iris delphic). So new troops were needed for sure, although I am not sure that 50% stronger is enough for the sylphs's attacks.

However, this will pose a problem when not in the sylph mode, because already it is rather difficult for most non-top players to clean up the templars, so this really plays in the hands of mages primarily, then archers and as usual knights get the short end of the stick.

EDIT: Hey guys, got an update from Hyperion who's been doing some secret agent translation research :) so a few points and a picture:

  • Max lvl 70 troops. Magic knight on left.. magic angel on right.
  • Knight skill : 50% chance to do 200% damage.
  • Mage maybe aoe?