Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cosmos Going Beyond Level 70

Hey guys, a big step in Balenor for anyone is going beyond level 70! :) which I just did and I want to share with you full details and also explanations to help you on your way! :)

At level 71 there is no more Battle Ground below 70s so may the tough times get tougher :)

However we do get to upgrade troops 1 more level, which is a small improvement, but still a good thing and for class wars the 5% penalty chances of fighting a higher level player are reduced as well.

On the negative side also there is less experience for the lower level dungeons, however on the positive side there is more experience from guild tree and bounty quests.

Actually, with the way the game is now there is no more a great need to stay level 70 most notably for free players.

Sharing my stats here the picture on the left you can see I have been working on my PATK with the aims of getting more income from the World Boss.

Then you also see that I still have the arena set, but below in my bags you will see that I have gathered the majority of what is needed for the level 60 PVE set, although still some distance to go. I hear that in patch 1.66 or 1.6 part 2 that gets easier so good. Very soon I will already start preparing the level 60 PVE sword - it takes a long time to enchant it fully to level 30.

Then you see I focused on PDEF sacrificing MDEF. This is the strategy I suggest for free players as you can not compete with cashers anyways so having one thing strong I think is better than 2 things average.

You also see I have improved the block a lot and you see criticals here because i am with my sniper/determination set which I use only for World Boss.

Next up I explain about astrals. You see I am all about flexibility. I have all sorts of astrals and I switch around and use what I need. I also have some yellow astrals I keep in case they make changes to the game which makes them interesting. Most often I switch around Will Destroyer which will be level 8 very soon with sniper/determination for fighting the World Boss.

If I solo spire I try to take regeneration, which I had at level 6 yellow, which I fed to WD now, so I will level up the new one later.

An interesting though is also using healing from Block, healing from Regeneration and healing from Blessed Health. I should still test this combo :)

For talens also it is not possible for free players to compete against cashers and that is why I did not stay level 70 forever. I am happy with my current talents and they will stay like this for a long time. Raising Holy Seal to the best of my ability can never compete versus the cashers who have 45+ Holy Seal.

Next up comments about my items.

  • The lower level equipment I find here and there i keep for bounty quests enchanting. They are cheap. And also since I recycle green, blue, purple, I need these to enchant.
  • Legend stones and crystals gathering for legend items of course.
  • Refinement crystals you may think you have a lot but they finish really fast. They are good to have - maybe later possible to sell them.
  • Soul Crystals I am gathering a lot of because I want to buy in one of the future events a casher mount. For this I will need to have really a lot of them and to have an event which gives event items for using them.
  • Scrolls and potions are very good to have for all kinds of cases where you need to be the strongest possible. I get them mostly from the guild altar.
  • The daru pearls I gathered to show you that you can get a lot of daru if you have the time to run around the wilds killing monsters. Here is more than 500,000,000 daru
  • The luck stones, well, at my level everyone has a lot of them. Very much will be needed for enchanting level 60 PVE items.
  • The gems come from catacombs and a little bit other places like events, you see how they can gather up. I will synthesize all of them before the class wars.

These are my runes and you can see I have a lot of runestones in my bag which I didn't use yet. I will probably level something up before class wars, but not urgent. 

Stables do add good amount of stats as you raise them over time. Here is where the cashers put cash directly and raise the stats. Some people are really against this, but hey, its one of the ways that the earnings are made for the game owners.

And finally you have guild skills, where the most important is to get the Attack and Defense maxed out. After this the Endurance and the rest is less important.

So now the final thoughts and plans
  • Now no more holding level for me. I am going directly up for as long as it takes until level 80 unless there comes a good reason to stop and level up talents or whatever.
  • Level 60 PVE set is a priority now and I will be getting this, just as always mentioned it is a lot harder for non-cashers, but it has to be done. For those who are less active consider going for the Level 50 set instead as the 60 takes a big effort / activity.
  • For World Boss income it is really important to have sniper/determination combination. I will be leveling these up at least 1 level each after the 60 pve sword enchanting.
  • For tanks they level up naturally over time. In ~1 month or less I think i will even have the Predator tank. So no rush I think for this the cashers didn't really have to spend balens, but ok if you have a lot i guess 1000 is no huge deal.
Well I guess that's all for now, I hope you guys enjoyed reading my Level 71 upgrade and advice / explanations and that they will be useful for you.

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