Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sylvester at 93k battle rating!

(Posted by Arbin)

Hi guys. Today Sylvester the top mage in our server reached 93k battle rating and I will show you what buffs he had and what is his base BR. Lets get started.

So here he is. His buffs are:
  • Mdef scroll,
  • Matk scroll,
  • Troop count scroll,
  • Pdef scroll and 
  • hp scroll.

Also he had on him buff from pots:
  • level 5 intellect,
  • level 4 defense,
  • charisma,
  • power,
  • endurance.

And finally he had the Warrior's Call.

His base BR is about 79.3k. So fully buffed Sylvester may catch 95k BR. Thanks and if you have any questions put them in the comments.

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