Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hi guys, this is Jarod aka QA from the greatest server to date S1 and I am bringing you the first look at Patch 1.66

First off on the new patch every V.I.P member gets the Awesome Panda Guardian Mount for free

Next is the Wheel of Fate, unlocked at level 55 it lets you spin once a day for free and once leveled up gives great stats to your overall character.

As you can see just starting out you get no benefits but after spinning and getting 58 Fate Stones you will level up and get 100 to attack, 1000 to health and a 20% chance to avoid 250 points of opponents defense.  This is making the rage gear much better for pvp not just pve.

The Blessing wheel was broken so not released yet but from everything I know about it, You will be able to spin it using your kyanite and obtain an extra bonus to your academy for the entire day.

The new Rune system will let omega cashers like zebq have level 10 runes much easier as you can now pay balens to gain rune xp.  This feature I both love and hate, it makes the cashers have a huge, huge advantage over non cashers, but if you get some free balens and want to use on this it can benefit you alot.

I can confirm that the mpds have been made to perfection now, You get 5 loids and 5 legends from a boss and can run the summoner as you want, p.s. you get 50 summons as long as you have the keys.  This will make getting gear for players much much easier.

The New Event Tower of Kings, Makes you beat each difficulty to play the next.  It is only 5 levels on easy, I have not got to try next level yet as one a day.  The drops seem to be soul crystals,daru,small runes and shadow crystals.  There is a new mount for synthesize it takes 800 of the shards and you get 10 for completing the event on easy.  I will update this as I progress.

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