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Astrals Do and Donts, and what they do

Hi, ShiningClaw

   Ive been giving astral advice to people on Wartune S1 for a while now so im going to explain some of them. Im only going to talk about Yellow and Red Astral due to the fact that's the most in demand astral. So here goes nothing!

Astral Name and what they do

Prisitine Will power: MDEF+ 216
Enhanced Guardian Angel: Chance of receiving crit reduced by -5%
Enhanced Regenration: Regian HP equivalent to 10% of damage dealt, 10% trigger rate, restore 50000 HP at most.
Enhanced Will Destroyer: Disablers crit strike but regular damage is increased by 5%
Enhanced Deflection: 10% chance to reflect 10% of damage received, Cause 50000 damage at most
Enhanced ruthlessness: Floating damage expands by 7%
Refined Goddess Blessing: Reduce all damage by 3%
Pristine Fortitude: PDEF+ 216
Pristine Snipers Edge: Crcital+ 216
Enhanced Determination: Crit base damage increased by 5%
Pristine Charm: Charisma +36
Pristine Brilliance: HP+ 500
Pristine Ensheildment: Block+ 216
Refined Blessed Health: 10% chance to gain 400 HP when attacking
Pristine Mysticality: MATK+ 216
Enhanced Illusion: 2% chance of dodging damage
Pristine Force: PATK+ 216
Aegis Major: Reduce all damage values by 40 (Hit points)

Ok im going to list what astral DONT work when there together
Astral X What they cancel Out
Will destroy X Pristine Snipers Edge, Enhanced Determination

What Astral cant be put on at the same time
Goddess Blessing X Aegis Major  

Ok so everyone should know that a Critical is a "High end hit" which means that it well capitalize on your max Damage. With that set it brings me to This

Main Astral set that should normally be worn!

(NOTE: some may disagree but ths is what lvl 70+ I run with use)
Knight: Patk, HP, Pdef, Mdef, Block. Will destroy, goddess blessing, Aegis Major, Illusion, Refined blessed health. (Most knights I know don't run Critical)

Mage: Matk, Pdef, Mdef, Critical, Determination, HP, goddess blessing, Aegis major, Illusion, Refined blessed health, Will destroy, Block (for some)
(Mage are a good class were almost every astral but Patk can work in there favor)

Archer: Critical, Determination, HP, Patk, Mdef, Pdef, Ruthlness, Goddess blessing, Charm, Illusion
(No archer I know strays off the path of only those astral for normal use)

Now lets explain a Astral that seems to be throwing people off a lot!


Lets Explain how it works!

1. Floating damage increased by %
    By floating Damage it means the Damage Dealt the the enemy which you see above there head.
    How it works: Floating Damage basically makes your hitting range wider.
   Say you can do a 2,000 Damage hit so with "Floating Damage" Lets say its 9% for the astral.
   So .09% of 2,000 is 180 Damage.
   So instead of doing a 2,000 Damage hit regularly you would go between a 1,880- 2,180 HIT.

 2. Why is this more helpful for a Critical person then will destroy ?
Good question Heres why!
    The point of a Critical hit is that its the HIGH END hit that someone can do. The reason why ruthlessness is such a good astral for Critical is that it takes that HIGH END hit and can make it well 9% BIGGER then it already is. 

 3. Most people only use Ruthlessness for WB since you can Critical so easily on it that the ruthlessness has a better chance of always giving you that extra BAMB you could need!

Example (FOR WB)
Lvl 68:(No voucher) Mage Attack: 15,237   Ruthlessness 28% Critical 2439
Lvl 70:(Voucher) Knight Attack: 24,004   Ruthlessness 9% Critical 1,450
Mage  = Knight for gold and daru ( Usually 50-60k below though)
(The Critical is a big difference However it isn't enough to make that big of a difference)
This is between Wartune S1: Shiningclaw vs CaptainHook
Thanks for the help CaptainHook

 4. Why ruthlessness isn't always good in day to day items like spire, mps, duels etc.
  The problem with ruthlessness that it can take you DOWN by the % dealt which is why most people ONLY use it for WB since once it engages on a Critical any strike that brought it down usally gets OVERLY made up for!

Ruthlessness in a nut shell: Ruthlessness is ONLY good for Critical, and only good for WB the damage variable is INSALY good for WB however in a MP it usually does more harm then good since the chances of Critical hits on the WB is higher then on monster or player.
YES: Ruthlessness VS WB
NO: Ruthlessness VS anything

That's Ruthlessness

Just make sure you remember what astral should be used take a look at  the oens I posted and there usually good ones to remember!

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