Sunday, August 4, 2013

Flying Along

Hey guys this is Jarod aka QA from server 1 again and just wanted to give a little update on my actual character.  I have decided that the extra gold and daru was worth making the jump to 50s over being what I call a camper and playing with the 40s.  This is my new character along with my outfit no new astral update so don't need to post.  Went 50 today and got level 5 on my hs already.

Please tell me how you feel I am doing, I started about 2 months ago and really like everyones feed back.  Was the jump a smart or dumb decision in your opinion?  I also should mention that my troops are level 34 with enlightenment level 2 hp boost right now and yes i picked templars for the moment but I will have an update on why I think warlocks are the best option for mages atleast later on in the game and i plan on enlightening leveling both up eventually.

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