Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Advanced Guild Skills Guide

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor.)

Hey guys, so we got regular guild skills and now we will have Advanced Guild Skills in a couple of months (depending on how fast patches are updated.) These skills are way different from regular guild skills in many ways. So let's get started!

Requirements for Senior Guild Skills

You do NOT need class advancement since these skills are different from regular guild skills, but level 10 guild skills are required. To upgrade a Advancement Guild Skill you do not need gold, but you need "Developing Syrup" To get Developing Syrup you need to attend Guild BOSS. At the bottom of this article there will be a chart for the skills, stats per level and the developing potion needed. After defeating Guild BOSS you get "Fear Teeth" a currency used to buy items from the Advanced Guild Shop. One developing syrup costs one Fear Teeth. (It is a possibility that once we get a Guild BOSS patch we will get Advanced Guild Skills with it too.)

Guild BOSS Fear Teeth Rewards

Every Day the Guild Master can choose a time to do Guild BOSS. Fear Teeth are given to you based off your ranking. There is a ranking list, which is totally different from the World Boss ranking list or Guild Battle. It shows all the people who are participating in the event and their current ranking in damage to the Guild BOSS. So when we get the patch, we can know which exact rank we are in during the event. Here are the rewards you get based on rankings-
First = 100 Fear Teeth
Second = 85 Fear Teeth
Third = 70 Fear Teeth
4-10 = 55 Fear Teeth
11-50 = 48 Fear Teeth
51-100 = 40 Fear Teeth
101+ = 35 Fear Teeth

Now that you've seen the rewards you get from each ranking, we know how easy it is to get at least one Senior Guild Skill. It will be kind of hard to buy the Developing Syrup if your mind wanders off to other items in the shop.

Senior Guild Skills Info/Charts

The required Developing Syrup adds up each level.  
  • 200 for Level 1
  • 400 for Level 2
  • 600 for Level 3
  • 800 for Level 4
  • 1,000 for level 5
  • 1,200 for Level 6
  • 1,400 for Level 7
  • 1,600 for Level 8
  • 1,800 for Level 9
  • 2,000 for Level 10
If image is too small for you please click the image to have a larger resolution. 
These skills are amazing and add up so much battle rating, but the top three I recommend to learn/max out first is gold production, World Boss damage, and critical. These three help out to get more gold than before and you need the extra gold for holy forge, enchanting your level 80 Legendary Gear, Astrals, etc.. You just can't get enough of gold in Wartune. If you want to go Battle Rating wise than the other skills are perfect.The rewards gained from ranking's might change once we get the patch because you can never expect anything straight from English Server's. This post may be updated if we get more info or if any changes happen.
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