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Underground Palace Guide

Hey guys, this is a guide for the Underground Palace.

Underground Palace Introduction

Underground Palace is a nice little mini-game inside Wartune which you can initiate from the icon tn the top of the screen at any time during the day. In the Underground Palace you are presented with a game board and have a bunch of turns or moves with which you can move around (click direction except diagonal), do stuff and collect rewards.

Easy bullet points about the Underground Palace

  • Underground Palace is open for anyone who is level 48 or above. 
  • You get 30 moves for free each day (can buy more with balens).
  • You can only see the 8 boxes around you.
  • You can move on the box where you have already been for free!
  • There is a chance that a lightning strikes you and kills you at any time.
  • You can move to the next board level, but only when you enter the "next level" box when the required events have been used in the current level (see top right indicator).
  • Rankings reset every Monday at 5:00 AM server time.
  • There is a chance you will "feel something strange" in which case you can "pay" 3 turns to explore or search for a treasure.

The 2 Help Images of Underground Palace

When you first enter you will be shown the below help screen. As I wrote you will be able to see 8 boxes around you and you cannot move diagonally so click your mouse button on up, down, left or right to move around.
The help screen on the right side let's us know that we will get more points if we complete all events (not possible for free) and shows how many "events left" is required to be allowed to enter the next level (also not for free players)

Underground Palace Events

When your character "feels" or "senses" something strange you can explore or search for treasure. This will consume 3 moves or steps which you have to confirm on a popup window like shown below:

Black Market gives you a discount to purchase some items. Careful, the prices are not super famous for being good. Many people just click skip on this, but note that you will not get points if you skip. I personally try to avoid the Black Market on the game board altogether.

 Death and Redemption event:

There are lots of Encounter events where you have to fight to get points and pass. Alternatively you can pay to pass or skip.

Lucky Draw events allow you to pick one of 4 prizes. You always win :)

If a misfortune strikes you then you will die instantly by a lightning strike and have to use a life to revive yourself.

Mystery Treasure always gives rewards. Often they are pretty nice.

By gathering the Underground Palace Map Shards you can get the Underground Chest, which is very nice rewards:
- Sepulcrum x 10
- Mahra x10
- and 50 or 100 or 300 Bound Balens

Point Spree gives you the chance to earn more points. You always get 1 of the 4 cards so you always win - it is just a matter of luck if you will get a lot or the minimum 10 points. The point values are not always the same - as you see on the pictures below there is one with a maximum of 80 points (wow!) and another with a maximum of 25 points. I personally try to completely avoid these (if you are not a paying person) because you get sufficient points to earn the 100 point chest and the 500 point chest is practically impossible for free players. So use these probably only if you spend balens.
Redemption will give you an additional life.

Here you see examples of rewards from the Treasure:

Vitality is super cool, it gives you extra moves or steps. Here is an example of 1 extra move (less cool) and one with 3 extra moves (very cool).

And here is the example with 5 steps or moves which is a lot more rare:
Underground Palace GUI You have basically 3 areas of information or controls for the Underground Palace.

The bottom area shows your balens, the search / explore button, the number of moves you have left and the number of lives you have left. With the little "plus" buttons you can add more moves/life.

The left GUI shows your current points, has the link to see the Rankings and is where you will collect the extra treasure chest rewards.

Underground Palace Mount - Magical Anteater

There is also a mount associated with the Underground Palace. It is the Magical Anteater, which gives +30 to all stats! You can synthesize this in the Blacksmith and it will require 25 Underground Palace Mount Shards:

Underground Palace Videos by DolyGames Team

1st Introduction, Gameplay and Guide

Another Video Guide which also includes tips on taking risks

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