Monday, March 18, 2013

Wartune SPECIAL Little Tips and Strategies GUIDE Part 1 and Part 2

Hey guys I got the guide Part 2 written up here, but we also have videos of both Part 1 and Part 2 which I am putting below the text, so up to you if you wanna read or watch :)

(Thanks also to Onizuka)
  • You can get a 50% extra experience scroll every day from devotion / dailies which you can use to buff up your campaign / MPD gains! (there is also 100% scroll) and this is cumulative with other bonuses!
  • Getting a higher FRIENDSHIP rating is not just for fun – you get more experience from dungeons playing with those people with whom you have a higher rating!
  • Don’t use the 100% exp scroll when low level – it is much more useful on higher levels!
  • The biggest benefit from exp scrolls you get when you start a new dungeon for examples on levels 50, 55, 60, 65. The more you level up you get less exp from that same dungeon.
  • You can use the exp scroll right before the final boss if you are doing several consecutive runs!
  • You can revive in the catacombs 1 time for free!
  • Don’t waste crypt keys in the beginning. It is difficult to get new ones to have 1 per day, so keep them for higher levels. For sure don’t use a crypt key before level 50 of catacombs! You will indeed have a little disadvantage but you will boost yourself when you are higher level when you really will need it.
  • In Tormented Necropolis you will need 3 keys just to enter – no choice!
  • Also for socketing rods – do not use them on low level items! Keep them as much as you can to use on the 55 arena set or legendary items!
  • You can get free socketing rods from the guild blessings but you will need then to invest a lot of gold every day to run all the blessings to have a small chance of winning one.
  • Always prepare in advance your armor, weapons, jewelry, etc so when you level up to the correct level you can directly use the new items! How much in advance depends on how much money you make per day / your activity level. Roughly estimate it and start preparing.
  • Connected with the friendship rating try to find people who play the game at the same time as you so you can do every day dungeons together to raise the rating and get more experience + you will have a nice team of friends who work together well.
  • Exchange roses not just with anyone, but with those people with whom you do dungeons.
  • Energize trees of others as much as possible both for gold income as well as for raising the friendship rating.
  • In the farm there is a limited amount of times you can steal from others so make sure not to steal the 1 hour crops but always steal the 4 hour crops so you get more per steal. If you hover your mouse on the crop you can see if it is SUPERIOR (4 hour) or not.
  • Even if you are maxed out on farm experience you can get still unlimited amount of experience cleaning your own farm, so quickly max out your daily using farms of others so you get more from your own.
  • Always contribute to guild any extra money you have so when people plunder you they get nothing. Only keep on yourself what you need! 
  • Your tree level cannot be higher than your character level / Town Hall.
  • Bugs and Wheat appear on 1 hour crops on minute 20 after planting, then minute 25, 30, and 35. Or in reverse, if you want think from how long until to collect the crop the bugs appear 40 minutes before, 35, 30 and 25.
  • Good time to plunder people is right after everyone gets their Arena Rewards (~120k gold) or especially after a World Boss event when people can earn a lot so if you hit someone right after they earn 400k gold you will directly get 40k for yourself, which is why it is a good idea to straight away contribute the gold after the event. Also good time is in the mornings when people have been earning from towns / mines all night, which for example if we take 20k per hour will be 200k after 10 hours so you would get 20k from plunder.

This is Part 2 video of Wartune SPECIAL Little Tips and Strategies GUIDE 

and this is video of Part 1 of Wartune SPECIAL Little Tips and Strategies GUIDE 

and the visual I prepared for Part 1

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