Monday, October 20, 2014

Chinese Magic Pot

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor.)

Hey guys, Magic Pot is back for Chinese Wartune and I want to share two things today. First their Magic Pot Rewards and second a new mount they got.

The Magic Pot

One Activation costs 20 Balens
Ten Activation costs 200 Balens
Fifty Activation costs 1,000 Balens
These prices are nearly half the price we got and yet most of the times we get crap rewards like refinement crystals and gold with luck.

Here are the rewards they got-
Feel free to click the image for a larger resolution.

On my server only one person got the mount with hard luck, but many other's got gold chest, Advanced Mahara, Kids HP pack, Level 3+ gem packs, and some mount whips. To them these rewards are garbage, but to us it is "Gold".

The Frost Turtle

Description- "From the icy glaciers of the north, this turtle snaps anyone that comes close."
I was hoping for a turtle mount and this mount is better than I expected. If the crystal was a darker shade of blue, then it would have matched perfectly with the crystals popping out in cloud city. We may get this mount soon (2-3 months).
This mount will probably be in a big spenders event or in the magic pot since it is a +500 mount. Be sure to comment below, you opinion of this new mount and their magic pot.

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