Thursday, October 16, 2014

Defend Sylph Atoll World Boss Event

Hey guys, since it was difficult to get a video recording due to massive lag I made the below multi-layer image report on the Defend Sylph Atoll World Boss Event.

This was at midnight hour with a lot of sleepy people. Our team was #2 in the event with mostly just 2 of us doing good damage and 2 dying very fast. Our team got ~42 million points and received 700k gold for that. Also for damage dealt we received 50 Sylph Crystalloids, which we will be able to use in a shop in Cloud City and 8 Vulcan's Stoves. That's all wonderful, but the fact that you have to party for this event is terrible as well as the hours of when it happens.

Sylph Atoll Boss - Howling Reaper

And here is a picture of our dear Howling Reaper:

...and one of his friends: Scorching Predator

...and one other of his friends: Frost Freeze

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