Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sylph Series Part 1: Iris

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, been meaning to start a series of posts on sylphs for awhile now, so hopefully I have my thoughts together by now lol :). I'll start out doing one post on each of the six, but please let me know in the comments if there are any sylph-related topics you'd like me to post about, and I can get to them in the future.

I thought Iris would be a good place to begin, since she's the most versatile.

Who should have one?
Everybody should have an Iris. Especially for archers and knights, if you don't have the option to use Iris, your overall utility is considerably less than it should be.

Which are the best skills to get for her? (In order of priority)

  1. Rain Dance - Congratulations! You're super useful.
    • Description: Restores 133% + 500 HP to all teammates. Similar to a mage's Blessed Light, this is the obvious first choice.
  2. Master of Water (Passive) - Congratulations! You're exceptionally annoying.
    • Description: Acheron Wave (Delphic) has a chance to bind target for a round. What this doesn't specify is that it's a very high chance to bind. More often than not, this passive skill will work if the person has it. It is so fantastically obnoxious when you're on the receiving end.  
    • This is my 2nd recommendation for anybody who plans to use Iris in a lot of PvP situations (particularly good for group PvP). If you just want to use Iris for PvE support, forget about it and skip to (3). 
  3. Ice Armor - Congratulations! You're a mage.
    • Description: Cleanses debuffed allies. Equivalent to a mage's Purification, when combined with Rain Dance, you've made yourself a nice little faux-mage. This is especially great to have if your Spire team contains zero or one mage in it.
What about the other skills? (Edited in 7:48pm 2014-05-10)

  1. Tsunami - I'm personally not a big proponent of it, though I think many believe this is the second choice after Rain Dance.
    • Description: Deals 145% + 156 damage to all enemies and removes one debuff from ally with the lowest HP. 
    • It's not all that powerful of an AoE, and its cleansing ability is pretty useless outside of single PvP play, which is not Iris's specialty.
  2. Neptune's Blessing - High cost for questionable return.
    • Description: Healing effects increased by 20% for 3 rounds. Consumes 500 Awakening points.
    • This skill comes at a really high awakening point cost for what it is. And a 20% heal increase isn't worth spending a skill slot on. 
  3. Spirit Well (Passive) - A luxury passive of uncertain value.
    • Description: The target of Warm Spring has damage reduced by 5% for 3 rounds. Similar to the QTE on a mage's Restoration skill.
    • It's unlikely that this passive is going to be the make-or-break buff in most cases. Best case scenario, it will land on your team's tank and help break the fall from big front-row delphics. 
    • Not something I'd recommend to small budget players. At all.
When are the best times to use Iris?
  • Any time you're short a mage.
  • Group Anything - Unless you have 2 or more mages, whether it's PvP or PvE instances, groups almost always benefit from at least one Iris. 
  • Tanking - Iris is the only sylph with passives giving both PDEF and MDEF increases (3% of each).  I really like knights that combine her and apollo shield in Arena or Guild Battle, where they just absorb damage and healhealheal, while everyone else AoE bombs the hell out of the enemies.
What are the cons to building an Iris?
Though Iris is incredibly versatile and okay in most cases, she is really not ideal for single PvP situations. Iris's biggest weakness is to electrical attacks. Since Gaia is rightfully one of the most popular sylphs, this puts Iris at a huge disadvantage if other players aren't around to help absorb some of those big electro hits. For these reasons, I wouldn't recommend that anyone build an Iris as their main sylph (the one you choose to put the most resources into), unless you really don't care for Class Wars or Battleground.

Iris naming contest!
Here's my Iris, StellaArtois, what a pretty Belgian lager! Comment with the best name for an Iris (that isn't ObamaCare, because I've already heard that one and think it's hysterical), and I'll name my Iris after YOU for a week :P

Next up, Gaia!

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