Sunday, June 29, 2014

Violet Box (Essenses) Drop Rates v1 - 587 Boxes

Hey guys, here I want to share with you my drop rate analysis for Violet Boxes and Violet Essences (Version 1 with 587 boxes of data), which is a sort of a new item / item exchange for us in Wartune, we didn't have something exactly like this before and the findings which you will see below on my analysis are amazing!!

So I got 1 person more to send me data of 187 boxes in addition to my own 400 boxes opened, so together that makes 587 boxes (remember you guys can send me data anytime so don't wait for an invitation).

What we see is that 68.3% of the time we got 1 Violet Essence from the box, then 24.5% of the time we got x5 then it drops rather fast to 6.1% chance for a x10 Essence drop and we got in total of 6 pieces of x100 and none at all of the x500 (and I haven't even seen it in the chat window) so this must have some insane low % probably bordering on cheating :P hehehe

Now counting things up is showing amazing things, which you also see under the heading "Analysis" on my picture report. The 587 boxes cost 14.675 balens and for those we got 2.081 Violet Essences. Now if we use the exchange table where you can get a Fashion Core for 20 Essences we can see that this will give you 104 Fashion Cores, which are worth 395 balens each, so in total that makes Fashion Cores worth 41.100 balens, which is ~3 times more than the cost!!, so the conclusion is (if you are interested in Fashion Cores) = BUY BUY BUY! (I am also putting the exchange table below)

Of course most people who go for these boxes are probably going to buy the clothing and wings, but efficiency-wise these are totally badly priced. You will only win big if you don't buy the clothing and wings, but still :)

And here is the Exchange Table:

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