Saturday, June 21, 2014

God's Gift Drop Rates v1

Hey guys, here I made for you the drop rate report for the God's Gift box (June 2014 event box) which includes the Loyal Steed mount as well as the Hero's Medals, which can be exchanged for nice prizes. So you will see I have opened up 230 boxes in this Version 1 report (i'll make a V2 report if people send me at least 100+ more boxes) and I actually got the Loyal Steed in the first 30 boxes, so it is a good practice that if you are going only for the top prize to buy the boxes in packs of 20 for example.

Generally speaking the 230 box sample is good enough for the first rewards but not good enough to have accurate information for the last 3 rewards since they are very rare. I actually think those drop rates are around 0.2%.

So not surprising result with the Hero's Medals which come out 50% of the time from the box. This is fully in line with previous month's boxes' event item.

Also to highlight that there are plenty of people who opened hundreds of boxes and did not get the mount as well as there are people who opened just some boxes and got the mount, so buying boxes does not guarantee anything.

With that said, here is the report, check it out and if you want to support with the data you can always send me anything interesting from Wartune. Put in the comments your thoughts or your experiences.

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