Thursday, March 14, 2013

4 Leaf Clovers & Level 59

Hey guys so I made it to level 59! while doing blitz in catacombs so I totally missed the chance to take a screenshot of it and so instead of that I decided, in the light of the new event and in the light of dreams coming true, I decided to take a MAGICAL screenshot of myself with all the wonderful items I have in my bag thanks to a very special friend of mine called....

....called photoshop of course!! :) hehehehe go go special event!! :)


  1. Good job for all the four leaf haha

  2. hehehehe can you believe all those people on the forum who say they hate me for real lol

  3. hahaha, both seriously where can found the leaf?

  4. for cash players to know and for free players to find out :) hehehehe

    but really i think its just from the box