Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ring & Jewelry Analysis - Tokens & Time

Hey guys, here I have prepared an interesting analysis on the rings and jewelry from the Crypt shop in the Wartune Catacombs and this can be used to plan your Ring & Jewelry to see which levels you should buy in respect to your abilities of making them into legendary upgrades.

You can see that level 40 Ring & Jewelry is relatively cheap and I still have actually my rings at level 40 while I am now level 68. This is because I focus on the jewels which are now both level 60, but as you can see on the analysis below the level 60 are so expensive that I can not change my level 40 rings just yet (as free player without crypt keys).

The price jump from level 40 to level 50 is manageable. Free players also can handle it, but the jump to level 60 is near impossible for most people. Ring & Jewelry start costing 2000 crypt tokens each and that is only for getting them and in the table below you see they cost another 2400 each for upgrading next to all the other stuff you need.

So I do hope this analysis will help you get the correct Ring & Jewelry for YOU in Wartune to bring you the most success. Please do thumbs up this page by sharing or clicking on Google + button. Thanks.

EDIT: Now Updated with Level 70 items.

This was 1st release:

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