Thursday, May 30, 2013

Q&A: Does Floating Astral increase income from WB?


Does Floating Astral increase income from WB?


The short answer today is "no". The reason I say today is because some day they might change the functionality of it since it is so silly now. And the reason I say no is because the ruthlessness or floating damage astral works in such a way as to increase your damage range from for example 90 to 100 on to let's say 70 to 120, so this way you can hit much higher numbers but also much lower numbers and it is currently defined to have equal chance of both high or low which actually consequently means that it makes no sense for us to use it :) because the average damage over time is absolutely the same compared to not using it at all.

Very silly right? I agree, so throw away this astral and use something that is giving a proper benefit to you. I actually got a yellow/orange floating astral few days ago and for now I kept it in the bag because I have space just in case if they change its formula, but if space will be an issue it is out of the window :)

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