Friday, March 29, 2013

Latest Wartune Videos - Timing Win, Cool Arena, Astral Guide

Hey guys, I wanted to highlight some of the last uploaded videos.

Guild battle between Sanctum and Mummies was kinda fun, but most notably what was excellent was the great TIMING win - there was a war chariot  from the Mummies launched which actually passed and did damage to our tower and we were just 100 points away from winning so everyone thought it will be delayed more because of the +600 points from the chariot, but those points came in just a tiny bit late and we managed to win right before that tick happened!

Then we got the very nice high level 66 to 68 group arena battle with Sylvester and Onizuka, which is pretty fun to watch and amazing at the power of these players. Overall enjoyable and fun to watch it.

And last one i want to highlight, is the Astrals / Astro Guide I made based on Top 3-5 players for ASTRALS! It is pretty cool and informative and it covers all the 3 classes (mage, archer, knight) and it is already quite popularly watched, so I hope this helps you - definitely useful to see it.

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