Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wartune 1.5 new item Guild Treasure

Hey Wartune heroes! :)
Here we got a post about the Wartune 1.5 new item Guild Treasure!!
This is a great thing I think which is now available which I originally thought is only for guild leaders, but apparently it is for the top 3 winners of the guild battle each week, i.e. the top 3 people on the guild battle points table from what I understood.

So how does this work: from what I could collect the top person gets 10 of these chests, then the next two get 9 and 8 or something like that. Anyhow, once they have these they can give them to their guild members, so these GUILD LEADERS can choose what to do:

  • to either boost weak players
  • or boost strong ones to get even stronger
  • or like they did in our guild make some kind of a lottery system and just distribute these to everyone
I personally think this is a good tool to keep the active people motivated, so good job by the R2 Games i think with this neat little feature.

And here is the chest that I got - the rewards are pretty nice!!!

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