Monday, March 11, 2013

1.5 Patch Part 2 NEW TROOPS

Hey guys here I wanna talk about the new troops that we will get in patch 1.5 Wartune Part 2. This is going to be either Spellsword / Dark Mage combination or Templar / Warlock. For this I have collected and prepared the full explanation picture below, so click on it to enlarge and check it out.

Can't wait for them to come!! :)
Sick of my angels :)


  1. What is lvl requirement for new troops?

  2. Hi Adi, from what I hear it is level 50 troops

    I also heard an indication arrival date at 14 April but could not trace back where this date came from, so purely gossip

  3. How much daru that we'll need for lvling the new troops?

  4. well I have 30+ million saved up now and I am sure that is a drop in an ocean
    I know top players are well above 150 million saved up
    so as much as you can because it is almost here - should be 1st or 2nd week of April
    thanks and best of luck :)