Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Get Free Balens!

Hello guys,

M3shyS here with a blog post guide for earning free balens!

First of all, the get free balens feature is only available for those on R2Games server not for:

  • wartune.com - Proficient City, Version 1.46, 55 Servers (This company is not R2's)
  • www.kongregate.com - Kongregate, 9 Servers
  • www.gogogogo.com- GoGoGoGo,  1 server, West Coast Timezone
  • www.armorgames.com - Armor Games, 3 servers (US East, US west and Europe server)
  • www.kabam.com - Kabam, 17 servers
  • wartune.aeriagames.com/- Aeria Games, 2 servers US servers

As you can see, many people will be missing out on this scheme of earning free balens. When I say earning, it literally is 100% earning because you fill in or watch advertisers videos and/or surveys. You can make wings on your server in about 15 days if you're dedicated enough, alternatively, there is another method I will share in a second (that is 'earn free balens' but you don't have to be with r2)

I will now show you the display screen of the earning tab:

Here is the top four ways to earn balens:

PeanutLabs: Main source to earn about 10-20 balens on watching videos a day.

SponsorPay: Here you can earn balens for sign-ups = low pay registrations, many for games.

TrialPay: Very good pay for registrations (high pay), many,many free but require you to insert credit card details for trial services (some can be cancelled, some can't or you get de-credited)

Matomy: Nothing really good here apart from the surveys tab, very high pay and best way to earn in my opinion!

That's all I can say for this 'get free balens' scheme, more like 'earn free balens' really. Now, let's move on, there is a similar system to this called Points2Shop where you can redeem Ultimate Game Cards via email, which you can pay with with some servers to get free balens, and even vip!:) You can actually redeem the money here for almost all the other wartune hosting websites.
This system has all the partners as R2's get free balens, but more too, and is not just about gaming but, is linked with Amazon!
No more explaining, here is the link : http://www.points2shop.com/?ref=uin1338838641

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  1. awww I so wish we had such options on Armor Games servers...