Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sylph Expedition Guide

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, Chinese Wartune just recently got the Patch 4.5 which included this new awesome event, Sylph Expedition. Sylph Expedition is kind of a mixture of Gods Decent and Cloud Adventure but with only Sylphs!

Event Requirements:

  • Sylph(s), A total of 6 Sylphs are allowed in this expedition.
  • Level 55+

Event Timing Schedule:

Slightly like Cloud Adventure, this expedition unlocks everyday but at 8:00 AM till 24:00 AM. 

Sylph Formation:

As I said above, up to 6 Sylphs are allowed in this expedition. There can be 3 Resting Sylphs and 3 Fighting Sylphs. You can set formation for these Sylphs and put them in in position you want to. Once you start the expedition, your cannot remove or add Sylphs.

Fighting in the Sylph Expedition:

Your Resting Sylphs do not battle but the Fighting Sylphs do. As you fight your Sylph will loose HP which is not recoverable through the whole expedition. The only way to get HP is by Healing or using Expedition Skills. I recommend having at least a strong water type sylph. If one of your Fighting Sylph has 0 HP meaning it's dead, you can replace the Sylph with the Resting Sylph. Once all of your Sylphs are dead, you cannot proceeded the expedition and have to wait till the next day to move on. During the battle, your Sylphs are on AFK Mode so the only thing you an do is use Expedition Skills.

The Expedition Map:

As you can see, there are 4 Golden Flags called Expedition, which you have to clear to get to the Expedition BOSS. There are some mini BOSSes around the map, which you can kill if you are around them. Everyday the map(s) resets, which means you have to start over again. If you cleared the first page, then you can start from the second page and so on.


Everyday the rankings reset so and only the Top 10 are displayed. Ranking is based off of how far you are in the Expedition. There are no rewards for the Top 10 currently but they might add some in future. Rankings reset daily at 5:00 AM. 


Since this is a Sylph Event the rewards are from the Sylph category. After every Expedition Monster, you get some small rewards which varies on what page you are in. Here is the rewards you get by defeating the monsters on the first page (did not make it to the second page):

(From Left to Right) The Blue Flag is the Expedition Flag, you get 10,000 Gold and the blue crystal is Expedition Crystal, which is used to upgrade your Expedition Skills.

Rewards From Mini BOSS:

Rewards from BOSS:

Expedition Flag Exchange:

I have not unlocked the other six items since I have not passed the 20th and 30th Expedition.  Expedition Flags do not reset and can stack up.

Expedition Skills:

After clearing  the required expedition you can get a certain skill. The catch is that the BOSSes get harder and harder and even me, a 90k Battle Rating could not defeat the first BOSS! There are a total of 10 Expedition Skills. Each Expedition Skill has 10 Levels. The Expedition Skill Level can be upgraded by consuming Expedition Crystal. Here is a estimation of how much Expedition Crystal is needed from level 1-10.
  • Level 1: 15 Expedition Crystal
  • Level 2: 30 Expedition Crystal
  • Level 3: 60 Expedition Crystal
  • Level 4: 120 Expedition Crystal
  • Level 5: 240 Expedition Crystal
  • Level 6: 480 Expedition Crystal
  • Level 7: 960 Expedition Crystal
  • Level 8: 1,920 Expedition Crystal
  • Level 9: 3,840 Expedition Crystal
  • Level 10: 7,680 Expedition Crystal

The Skills:

Although you can't control your Sylph's Skills, you can control the Expedition Skills. 

Cure Skill:

Cooldown: 100 Seconds
Heals 53% for teammate with the lowest health.

Hold Ground Skill:

Cooldown: 100 Seconds
Raises 17% + 8,000 PDEF and MDEF for the front row, lasts 3 rounds.
Conditions to Unlock:  Clear 4 Expeditions.

Onslaught Skill:

Cooldown: 100 Seconds
Raises 27% + 18,000 PATK and MATK for the entire group, lasts 3 rounds.
Conditions to Unlock: Clear 6 Expeditions.

Spirit Link Skill:

Cooldown: 100 Seconds
Entire party shares damage equally as well as reduces damage by 32%, lasts 3 rounds.
Conditions to Unlock: Clear 9 Expeditions.

Defend Skill:

Cooldown: 200 Seconds
Entire group restores health equal to 57% that of the member with the highest health.
Conditions to Unlock: Clear 11 Expeditions.

Dispel Skill:

Cooldown: 200 Seconds
Dispel 1 positive buff from the enemy, raises effectiveness by 17%, lasts 3 rounds.
Conditions to Unlock: Clear 13 Expeditions.

Imprisonment Skill:

Cooldown: 600 Seconds
Bans the enemy from using Skills for 5 rounds.
Conditions to Unlock: Clear 14 Expeditions.

Dizziness Skill:

Cooldown: 600 Seconds
Confuses a random enemy target for 3 rounds.
Conditions to Unlock: Clear 16 Expeditions.

Guarded by Light Skill:

Cooldown: 600 Seconds
Purifies a buff, the group is invincible for 3 rounds.
Conditions to Unlock: Clear 19 Expeditions.

Clear Skill Cooldown:

Cooldown: 600 Seconds
Clears a Skill's cooldown
Conditions to Unlock: Clear 20 Expeditions.

Hope you guys enjoyed this guide and feel free to ask questions or share your opinion.

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