Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sparta's and Griffin Clothing Sets and Mounts - February 2015

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, The Dressing Room and Stables is updated with two new mounts and clothing. Check out the preview of all four of those below!

Clothing - No Wings for Sparta:

One of the clothing, The Sparta's Clothing has no wings with the set while the Griffin Clothing does.

Sparta's Clothing Set:

The Sparta's Clothing looks awesome with a good Wartune/Spartan feeling with it and looks even more better on the Male Knight. Although the Male Sparta's Clothing looks awesome, I am disappointed with female clothing. 

Stats of Clothing:
  • Initial Rage Minimum +5
  • Identification: Strength 8-40 (Stackable)
  • Event Clothing - A Quality

Griffin Clothing Set

For both, Female and Male, this clothing is impressive but there is a bad thing about this clothing; it has special effects which will add up some extra lag. 

Stats of Clothing:
  • Initial Rage Minimum +5
  • Identification: Strength 6-30 (Stackable)
  • Event Clothing - B Quality


In my opinion, the Hermes Zebra and the Arctic Fox looks better than the Unicorn Beetle but some people are there for the stats where the Unicorn Beetle wins in that situation. 

Hermes Zebra:

Unicorn Beetle:

Arctic Fox:

Hope you guys enjoyed these previews and comment below your favorite clothing/mount.

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