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Titan War Rewards, Titles, Mounts and Shop

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, previously, Eliatan explained some info on Titan War and rumor has it that the preliminaries will start on the first Tuesday of March! Although the event is similar to Class Wars, the rewards are a simply different and better!

Titan War Titles:

Unlike Class Wars, there are three different titles which are rewarded to the top three titan war team winners. All of the titles are permanent.

Rank One:

Rank Two

Rank Three:

Titan War Mount:

Till now, the Class Wars Mount was the best mount (in my opinion) but it changes now. The Titan War mount looks awesome and not only that, it can fly! Unfortunately, the Titan War mount is not a permanent mount. The Titan War mount (Indigo Dragon) is awarded to the top three teams but the amount of days varies and in order to activate the Indigo Dragon Mount Card, you need the Frost Lynx activated.

  • 1st Ranked in Titan War receives: Indigo Dragon Mount lasting 25 days
  • 2nd Ranked in Titan War receives: Indigo Dragon Mount lasting 15 days
  • 3rd Ranked in Titan War receives: Indigo Dragon Mount lasting 10 days

Indigo Dragon Mount Animated and Stats:

Titan War Rewards Shop:

Chinese Wartune has more features than us so that means they have more items in the Titan War Shop but there are many things in there that we have already and there is a chance for us to have them in our version of Titan War.

The only things that might be in our version of Titan War will be:
  • Capricorn Mount for x3,000 Titan Crystals
  • Soul Seal for x50 Titan Crystals
  • Glint of Magic for x50 Titan Crystals
  • Magical Moonlight x50 Titan Crystals
  • Blessing of God x50 Titan Crystals
  • Empire Trucheon for x10 Titan Crystals
  • Honor Medal (Gives x500 Honor) for x100 Titan Crystals
  • Bead of Influence for x50 Titan Crystals

Capricorn Mount Preview:

Titan Crystal Ranking Rewards:

The Titan War is divided into the preliminaries and finals which gives Titan Crystals based of rankings and other rewards

Preliminaries Ranking Rewards:

  • Rank 1 receives x3,200 Titan Crystals
  • Rank 2 receives x3,000 Titan Crystals
  • Rank 3 receives x2,800 Titan Crystals
  • Rank 4-20 receives x2,600 Titan Crystals
  • Rank 21-40 receives x2,400 Titan Crystals
  • Rank 41-60 receives x2,200 Titan Crystals
  • Rank 61-84 receives x2,000 Titan Crystals 
  • Rank 85+ receives x1,999 and below Titan Crystals

Final Ranking Rewards:

In the finals, the top three receives the titles, and the Indigo Mount as I explained above. The Top Rank also receives a Worship Statue.

  • Rank 1 receives x5,000 Titan Crystals
  • Rank 2 receives x4,600 Titan Crystals
  • Rank 3 receives x4,200 Titan Crystals
  • Rank 4-5 receives x4,000 Titan Crystals
  • Rank 6-8 receives x3,800 Titan Crystals 
  • Rank 9-12 receives x3,600 Titan Crystals
  • Rank 13-16 receives x3,400 Titan Crystals 

Titan War "Worship":

 By clicking on the "Worship" button you get EXP and Gold. The amount depends on your level. The Worship Feature can be accessed by clicking this logo:

Then this will pull up:


The rules and applications are not different than Class Wars except that you wage on the team. 
Players who guess correctly will receive Titan Crystals from the prize pool (upper limit 20x and lower limit x1.5. Players who guess incorrectly will get back the same amount of Titan Crystals they wagered with Balens.

Special Rewards:

Credit: Eliatan's Article on Titan War Info: 
The team who ranks 1st on  on their server and who also ranks in the top 30 in all server rankings will obtain the following:
  • Fighting Phantom, lasting for 7 days.
  • Summon Treasure Thief, summonable Treasure Thief in the Guild Chamber, lasting for 7 days.
  • EXP Boost, enjoy a special EXP boost in all dungeons, lasting for 7 days.
The part I still don't get is about the Fighting Phantom Mount. There is no such mount rewarded or any other mount in Chinese Wartune and the "Fighting Phantom" is nowhere to be seen in stables. Guess we have to wait and see.

Hope you guys enjoyed this info on Titan War Rewards and comment below your opinion or just drop a comment.

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