Saturday, February 7, 2015

Advanced Mahra and Advanced Sepulcrum

(Posted by Demonwolf810 - DolyGames Contributor)

Hi-ya everyone. As Chinese Wartune is already using advanced mahra and sepulcrum in events and in general, I wanted to explain to all of you about the advanced mahra and sepulcrum as many people have no idea what they are or that they are coming to the Western servers.

What Advanced Mahra & Sepulcrum are for:

They are used for 2nd evolution sylphs such as Hera, Zeus, Poseidon, Ailee and others. You can only use them when your sylph is evolved to 2nd evolution. To evolve to 2nd evolution you need a sylph of orange quality and of course the right resources.

How to get them: Titan War, Sales

They mainly come from events such as Titan Wars (Server Vs Server) at the moment but they are cheap in the shops (although that does not mean that for Western servers it will be cheap also).

How many are needed:

The amount of sepulcrum needed is the same as normal sepulcrum, but you need 100,000 advanced mahra to get from orange quality to red quality. In the latest update it changed to 150,000 advanced mahra. This is not a typing mistake, it is really one hundred and fifty thousands for 1.5 million points.

This might look like a huge scary number, but, at least on the Chinese servers, you gather them at a pretty decent rate.

Cost of Advanced Mahra & Sepulcrum in Titan Wars Shop:

The cost right now is 20 light shards in Titan Wars, it costs the same for advanced mahra and advanced sepulcrum.

My Advice:

Only get them when you reach 3 star purple or if you have the resources, the only way you can get them is in events such as Titan War but if your in a good server they are easy to get. Number 1 server can get 400 advanced mahra or 400 advanced sepulcrum every time Titan War starts.

Battle Rating

The battle rating can vary but when sepulcrum is maxed and quality is orange, i gained a solid 20k battle rating from evolving to red, and advanced sepulcrum gives more battle rating.


You need to be advanced class, level 80, and have a 2nd evolution sylph to use.

Final Opinion

It is very much possible both for non cashers and cashers to gather the required amounts of advanced mahra and advanced sepulcrum; it mainly depends on your server and patience. Cashers will naturally get these items much faster via the Hot Sales / Hot Offers, and non-cashers can, with patience, collect them over time. Being on a strong server / a strong guild is definitely helpful as well.

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