Sunday, January 6, 2013

A word of warning about not nice people

So I wanted to make a normal Void run after failing nightmare and I couldn't find anyone in the guild at the time I was playing, so I joined a random one. There, 2 friends joined in who I later found out were not the most nice people and then another person joined in.

Well, these 2 started behaving in not such a nice way, not moving together, not responding / talking, doing things out of rhythm so to speak. We got to the goblins and guess what? They charged in no pulling no nothing.

Both myself and the 4th person were frustrated by them, but I was keeping my cool while he was not and started swearing.

So the way I see it there are 2 ways to go from such a situation. Or you suck it up and be nice anyways and get the dungeon finished. Or you stand on your ego, start exchanging words and ruin the dungeon run by someone quitting. I suggest the first. And then of course try to remember and don't join into a party with these guys again! (if you remember them :))

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