Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gathering for the Guild Tree

One of the cool parts of Wartune is the massive gathering of friends in the guild to rip the benefits of the Guild Tree, which come in form of fruits (free contribution to the guild every 3 minutes) and very nice experience I think it was every 15 seconds and you get more the more people energize the tree.

So here are 2 screenshots from US West and Europe servers showing 2 different guilds gathering at the Guild Tree to chat, have fun and get the benefits for 15 minutes.

(sorry my recording software toolbar is covering the server name, but my level 46 mage is in US west and level 42 warrior in Europe)

Gathering for the Guild Tree US West - Russians

Gathering for the Guild Tree US West - Sanctum

and also here is a movie about it Wartune Guild Tree Event and Explanations

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