Thursday, January 31, 2013

COSMOS is now level 50! Wohooo!

I became level 50 Knight today! Finally! This is a big milestone so party-time in Wartune!!!
And I got a lot stronger too! From something around 22k battle rating I am now at 25k.

What's new at 50?
  • 1 extra slot for Astral - awesome!
  • The level 50 jewels and rings in the catacomb shop!
  • Talents - great but really expensive!
Here is my level up!

Here are my Angels level 43 now:

And here are my skills. With level 50 I added the point to get level 2 Whirlwind.

And here is my Equipment and Stats (without any pots or other buffs):

And my Astrals which need a lot of work still - my weak spot.

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