Thursday, July 10, 2014

Double Hits in World Boss (With Video)

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, I get asked about how to do double hits in World Boss a lot, so I thought I'd try to lay it out here in the blog. I have some video of me doing them as well.

This can be done with your class-based skills or in sylph mode, and using this trick can get you double hits every other turn:
  1. Pick a skill
  2. Click AFK
  3. Let AFK mode choose your next attack
  4. As the AFK-selected skill is casting, choose your next attack or rune. Now your skills should be blinking.
  5. Continue to choose your next skill or rune, one or two turns ahead of what your toon is casting at the moment.
  6. If your skills stop blinking and you cannot queue future skill choices, start back at (1)
On the turns that you successfully double hit, usually you'll see that you attack immediately after the World Boss hits you, not your troops. So it will look something like:
  1. World Boss attacks you
  2. You attack World Boss
  3. Your troops attack World Boss
  4. You attack World Boss
So these are the basic ideas on how to do this, but there's definitely a learning curve to figuring out the timing (I think I was on the slow end of that curve...), so practice practice practice!

Big thanks to my buddy and guildy, arty, for putting up with me while I was learning how to do this.

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