Sunday, November 24, 2013

2652 Chests - Tower of Kings - Drop Rates - Version 2

Hey guys, thanks to everyone who supported with data I am publishing the second versions of the reports of the Tower of Kings chests now also including the drop rates for TOK Nightmare, so I hope you like the reports and remember, if you like the post, please click on Google+ to thumbs up this post or share on Facebook, etc

I am putting all 4 reports below one after another - all together I have collected data for 2652 chests!!!

If you want to contribute with any data, or ideas, or whatever interesting about Wartune, you can send either directly to my email (preferable) or from this blog on the right side contact form. Do not PM in the game. Keep it short and simple because I get a lot of emails and I have to go through them, so long ones slow me down big time.

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