Friday, December 19, 2014

Updates on Dimensional War

(posted by Ashira of the DolyGames Team)

Hey guys,

Sorry that I haven't posted news over the past week, it's Christmas time and like for most people my priority is spending time with my loved ones rather than finishing all of my Circuit Quests (which of course I always do when it's not Christmas time *nose growing*).

One feature of the game I enjoy a lot at the moment is Dimensional War. It gives great rewards to everybody and it cannot be emphasized enough how helpful it can be to make your char strong. As I shared in one of my previous posts, I increased my wind resistance with Dimensional War in order to kill Sky Trail boss V-3, and these buffs still carry on, so my wind resistance is decent for Class Wars finals (which hopefully I can find the time for this time *knocks on wood*). In preparation for Class Wars, I also mentioned that it could be a good idea to use Electro dimensions to take less damage from Hercules/Eve - and while this is not as powerful a strategy as it would have been without sylph troops, I still expect many strong knights (and archers to a lesser extent) to bring an Electro sylph as main sylph.

As you have seen in Cosmos' videos, you can work on several dimensions at once and as long as you have occupied all towers in a dimension, the rewards are better if you just start a new dimension rather than trying to get 100% on the conquered one. In my case, it took me 2 days until I figured this out, which is why the completion rate on my first dimension is 82%, but after that I worked on it very efficiently, and I have now entirely conquered (at the same time) 3 basic dimension, 1 intermediate one, and 1 advanced one. You cannot conquer more than 5 dimensions at once, so until the first of them expires, I try to clear the area in completed maps, mostly trying to kill the guardians, so that I have additional income of dimensional shards.

Clearly, having 5 dimensions conquered is nice and the key to getting there is minimizing step costs and - as often pointed out by Cosmos in the videos - minimizing steps (or, as he calls it, 'maximizing visibility'). The maximum step cost is 50, while the minimum step cost is 10 - in order to have that minimum step cost, you need an elemental resistance of at least 800. This is hard to obtain, even with Level 7 resistance crystals, so the way to do it is to make sure the maps you work on are of the same element (for instance, I did three Wind Maps at the start and managed to reach that minimum step cost on the third day).

The rewards I get (daily!) from these 5 maps I conquered are: Basic Resource Pack x 15, Int. Resource Pack x 10, Adv. Resource Pack x 10, Basic Resource Chest x 3, Int. Resource Chest x 1, Adv. Resource Chest x 1. The packs you get for occupying one level of the dimension, and they are alright, but not too fancy either (basically gold and a some very mediocre rewards). The chests you only get once you conquered the entire dimension - and they're awesome, as they give you daily sylph equipment enchanting material, but also sepulcrum and mahra. And - which is important to have a sustainable income of dimensional maps - there is the chance that you get another map from each of these chests: A Basic Resource Chest has the chance to give you a Basic map or an Intermediate map, an Intermediate Resource Chest has the chance to give you an Intermediate map or an Advanced map, etc. So from the Advanced Resource Chest you have the chance to obtain a free (!) Expert map daily until the map expires, which in my case still takes 28 days!

Okay, so Dimensional War gives you great rewards if you conquer 5 dimensions, this may not come as a surprise. What I find a lot more amazing is the increase in strength that comes along with it: You have a choice in the resistances that you want to improve, at the moment for me these are the wind resistance and the electro resistance, and the improvement is considerable. In my case, my wind resistance is increased by a fixed +400 and each wind resistance crystal has an effect that is increased by 40%. So if I wear five Level 7 wind resistance crystals, which then have wind resistance of 450*1.4 = 630 and equip my Medusa, which has +200 resistance against wind anyway, this brings my total wind resistance to +1230 (as you can see in the picture), which is just insane. Not just insane, also useless, as the decrease damage you take from an element is capped at -90%, which you reach with a resistance of +800! So it makes no difference if you have +800 resistance or +1230, the damage you take from wind sylphs is decreased by 90%. The Dimensional boost I enjoy even more is the resistance reduction boost. Usually my resistance reduction is 555 from my three Level 6 Will Crystals. However, the maps I have conquered give me a fixed resistance reduction increase of +225 and increase the effect of Will Crystals by 24%, bringing my current resistance reduction to +913!

As I don't think many people have completed advanced maps at this point, here is some more information: Every level is a 20 times 20 map and (as the Intermediate map) there is a total of 10 levels. The bosses are not considerably harder to kill than in the lower quality maps (apart from the final boss, for which a BR of around 250k is recommended according to the in-game info). The number of bosses in each level is as follows:
  • Level 1-2 have 2 bosses (2 easy bosses)
  • Level 3-4 have 2 bosses (1 easy boss, 1 intermediate boss)
  • Level 5-6 have 3 bosses (2 easy bosses, 1 intermediate boss)
  • Level 7 has 4 bosses (2 easy bosses, 2 intermediate bosses)
  • Level 8-9 have 5 bosses (3 easy bosses, 2 intermediate bosses)
  • Level 10 has 8 bosses (5 easy bosses, 2 intermediate bosses, and 1 endboss)
Hope that helps you a bit in organizing your own Dimensional War strategy. If you have questions, ask away in the comments!

PS: While Class Wars is always nice to play, my focus in the game is on events that give great rewards, which is just not the case in Class Wars. That is why I did not focus more on Electro maps! Keep this in mind with your wagers this time, resistances can differ a lot more than before with the dimensional buffs, even between top players! So even a considerable BR advantage can be more than offset by a resistance/resistance reduction disadvantage!

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